SCAM Online Modeling AgencyDo not respond or give money to this agency. They created fake online magazines with Wordpress to make it look more legit. If it's too good to be true it probably is...


Balmain Shoot offer

Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing is offering you to be a part of an historical pairing with H&M Apparel. This is a photo shoot for the fall collection advertised in Nu Wei Magazine (under Omni Media) will work with you directly. Please read below:Nu Wei Magazine/Balmain, Shoot date October 11 – 13.

All round trip airfare to St. Thomas Virgin Islands is covered with first class accommodations through American or Delta Airlines● Cyril E. King Airport● provided concierge service to hotel

Marriott Frenchman's Reef & Morningstar Beach Resort

● Morning breakfast is provided● Turndown Service● Spa Massage● $150 a day for per diem.● Private Networking access● National/International Call access● Please reply about any rider request.(known allergies,Baby sitters,etc....),.

The pay rate will be 800.00 plus per day depending on your background andexperience.You are not required to model with the host agency which is the JLondon Agency.We can make your agency the mother agent But your agency must be qualified by being listed and bonded in the state of New York. Also your agency will handle your itinerary (flight, contractnegotiations etc.), We need your agency information so the contracts and paperwork can besent to your agency.

The shoot will take place in St. Thomas, scheduled for October 11 - 13th.We have several people scheduled and we need at least two more.If you go through the host agency you will get the same accommodations as well.Typically, if you do a project like this, JLondon agency will get several other similar projectssetup for you as well. So you need to let them know if you want to do additional projects. 'If your are going through your own agency, they will need to set up your travel, hotel, providea per diem and negotiate your pay rate with the client.


your agent must provide:

*contact info*EIN Number*Bond talent license number for New York (NO EXCEPTIONS)SEND TO:


We will not communicate with your agency before receiving this information. If you don’t havean agency you can go through JLondon agency. Contact Craig Lincoln at (818) 465-8419 forfurther details to get your contract.

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How did u get your money back they got me too.


I was scammed by this same company & sent this same email & a fake contract for the balmain shoot offering $1,000 per day for a 3 day shoot. Craig Lincoln lied to me & took a $110.00 registration fee payment from me.

I'm an aspiring model who is now devastated. How do I get my money back?


Yes, I agree this is unacceptable. And people need to know not to buy into this scam.

I just wish there was something more we could do to alert people of this.

After I spoke to Craig on the phone he did call back for a follow up call, and wanted me to pay for the contract and papwork.

to Anonymous #1037568

Same here. I declined because I am experienced.

I could tell it was fake after asking for that money.

That is so ridiculous. I wish there was something we could do too, to alert more people of this!


They are scammers for sure. They used to be K-Dash Agency and Vain Magazine.

If you google or search the company or employees on Facebook no one shows up. There are no address or phone numbers associated with them.

If you look up their models none of them ever show up as part of JLondon Agency.

to Anonymous #1028926

Hmm - I've just emailed them asking to confirm that they will not ask for any money whatsoever / password / credit card details.. no reply yet...


I sent this link through to them & they stated that the model who they let go because she was rude to the client started up this page - I'm assuming this isn't true at all.

Did you speak to a Craig on the phone?


yeah i got the same thing, they asked for $100 and my facebook and twitter passwords

to Anonymous #1028086

Over the phone or through email? Could i see these messages?


Just received this email the other day - also received calls from a random number in the US - Please ladies, do not buy into this... if its too good to be true it probably is, warning bells go off when they can't even get the spelling correct in their first email before the above information email was sent... they also come across very short and unwilling to explain themselves of how they got your details or when snapshots are attached from H&M stating that their email on behalf of Balmain wasn't authentic.


I've gotten the same emails and have spoken to a Craig. Thanks for the information you have just saved me from making a huge mistake.

to Anonymous #1027457

What did Craig say?

to Anonymous #1029379

Craig told me that I was going to be flying first class and I would be staying at a five star hotel with breakfast and spa treatments also asked if i had any food allergies etc....and I would have my own hair and make up artist. $150 a day to spend and $1000 a day for the shoot. All I needed to do was send $101.00 so they could send my contract to sign then I'll get my plan tickets and schedule.

to Anonymous #1030678

I've got phone calls from them listed in US before I got sent the same emails you did. I wonder if I pass this number onto the police in their area they could be contacted as this is not acceptable. I'm glad you didn't give them any money - lets do our best to get this all across the internet so they won't be able to scam anyone.

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